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In the family or friends community there is always one guy. Stuff overpower the mental picture as you imagine his life. Even interesting stuff. He is surrounded in your head by technologies which look like a governing body, clothes which look like they might make their debut during Men’s Fashion Week 2021, and precious heirlooms which seem like they will tempt Indiana Jones. He has it all.

He has it all. Or in particular, if you were somehow charged with offering him something that he does not already possess against any odds. The trick is to find for him a gift that he doesn’t even know that he likes, to rob him of the chance to have already purchased it himself. This gift is special, unique, perhaps impractical, yet really unforgettable. And you find it on this list of 45 outstanding gift ideas for the man who does what he can really do.

Top 20 gift ideas for men who have everything

1.Cocktail Smoking Machine

The smoking box emphasizes the complexity of his favorite drinks with real smoke. The two side “passing through” doors offer a fascinating, immersive environment for a cocktail. Try to smoke your favorite foods, experiment with many types of wood, dried herbs and spices. The glass and steel frame with a rich black walnut base and drainage canal provide a solid building. He’ll love this fantastic gift to update his old fashioned one. Any home bar is greatly improved.

2.6 in 1 Tool Pen

There is a screwdriver right between the menus and the paper clips. Everybody guesses where the level and the ruler are. Keep some of your most relevant instruments in 1 design along with this 6. The streamlined gadget comes with a tech tool pen with six functions: a rule, a level of the spirit, a stylus, a flat head and a Phillips screwdriver. Specify one for on-the-go use in your backpack or glovebox and avoid searching for the junk drawer.

3.Self-Cleaning Water Bottle

This water bottle automatically unlocks each 2 hours by pressing a button to keep your flask fresh and stink free. The isoliered, stainless steel bottle with double wall vacuum keeps the water cold for 24 hours and warm for 12 hours. During a fully charged auto-cleaning power up to 1 month is provided by the USB rechargeable Li polymer battery.

4.Panasonic Arc5 Electric Razor

This wet-sick, electric raser makes it simpler for the man who doesn’t have enough hours a day with a 16-way versatile head for a shave and an all-around grooming recharge trimmer and a charging device that cleans the raspberry head as it powers up.

5.Fully Automatic Espresso Machine

Help you complete your barista dreams using a latte, Cappuccino, Macchio, or simply Cafe Americano makers that prepare fresh beanes into a coffee beverage of your choosing.

6.The Impossible Collection of Wine

For every wine lover this tome makes a point. Sommelier Enrico Bernardo’s book Hand-bound covers the most important wines of the 20th century (the Best Sommelier of the World, 2004). The wines included were elegant enough to please even the most well-read wines from 1928 Krug Champagne to 1951 Penfolds Grange Bin 95 through the 1973 Stag Leap Estate Slav.

7.Air-King Rolex watch

This antimagnetic stainless steel watch, the only Rolex with a two-color print logo, has self-winding mechanical motion, is water resistant to 330 feet and has been completely designed and produced by Rolex.

8.Wusthof 7-piece Knife Block Set

Germans are excellent at many things, and the making of knives is probably at the top. Wusthof is the knife Porsche to draw from a parallel illustration. The firm has been a family-owned business for seven generations and was founded more than 200 years ago. Lots of family pride and tradition = an impressive collection of gourmet cubs.

9.Bose Headphone Sunglasses

It certainly doesn’t surprise you that these sunglasses on your headphone were also pretty trendy. That’s the way the Bose brand operates.

The best thing about these sunglasses is the audio design, which helps you to listen to your environment. He’s going to love to drive his motorcycle or ride his motorcycles, but he’s not going to hear the Ramones blow all afternoon when he stops for a cup of coffee.

10.A KIVA Donation In His Name

Sometimes the man who has it all doesn’t even need more. We humbly recommend KIVA if he has no reason for champion.

We’ve been lending for over 10 years as part of KIVA (and try to change lives in a tiny way)!

We like it’s a nonprofit, not a charity. It’s a charitable. Many choose to create their own future by paying back a loan instead of accepting charities, but fail to obtain a loan from a traditional bank. KIVA offers very little of this service. Over time he will earn the money to reinvest in another project.

It really is the gift that continues to deliver!

11.Pulaski Axe with Canvas Sheath

There’s no living man who didn’t want to cut an axis into a tree, at least once in his life. And few men have their axes. Fix this problem with the wonders of this and very useful) Barebones model.

12.Mavic Mini Drone

These days he doesn’t do much flying for fun. But with DJI’s unspeakable, entrance level drone he can still go to the skies. It can take amazing pictures and video (and follow air-space regulations).

13.Custom 3D Handmade Men Bobblehead

What kind of guy wouldn’t be psyched to get his own bobble head personalised? It’s a rare and funny gift he’s never going to predict.

14.Nice Laundry Customized Pocket Lounge Short

It is time for him to chuck his old ratty college baskey shorts and change to these very comfortable lounge shorts in Nice Laundry. They have a mesh of basketball shorts, but the Micromodal lining is heavenly plush. Make a personal spin on these stylish lounge shorts with nine browned icons to make this special gift.

15.Morphed sports memorabilia for man caves

Have you ever learned that “vintage” equipment has become a nice gift for realistic and usable men from its favorite sports? That’s just brilliant. Are you needing examples? A comfortable wooden skirting chair can be mingled with the golf clubs beautifully. Hockey sticks can be twice the size of a great tool or coat rack for the BBQ. The ultimate wine rack can be used to show ski tips on a bar and shelf. Just search Google for local artists who can make this magic happen in your city.

16.Soundwave art

Here’s something deeply irreplaceable for a chic modern gift to this man with all. Develop canvas wall art that shows your voice, a favorite song, or any favorite sound that relays a love message. Only record it then transform a connoisseur into dazzling canvas creations with audible sound-wave art. These sound waves are louder than words!

17.Escape room outing

This trend has been wild in the U.S. and doesn’t look like wherever it goes easily. Find one close to you for a creative birthday gift or to celebrate with your friends / family! He will have a blast to solve riddles, in order to escape from the locked room. And even if he did it earlier, a new crew would just take a case to split with a new room.

18.Timeless wall clock

Snapshot some of the utter memories of your main man—12 to be precise. Mount them on a wall clock and let each digit stand up to his favorite adventures. Special romantic men’s gifts don’t get any better. Your unique watch is great for a company or den. Your watch is perfect.

19.Tommy Hilfiger Men’s Genuine Leather Oxford Slim fold Wallet

For at least 15 years I have had the same wallet and eventually it became inefficient as cards were dropped so I had to buy the bullet and get a new one. I wanted to buy one but it turned out to be too voluminous. This Tommy Hilfiger wallet is small enough to hold either a front or a rear pocket and is one of the most affordable prices I have seen, much cheaper than a local store’s wallet with a discount of 30%. Check it’s thin, only 2 card slots plus each side of the slots and the id pocket. I had to cut everything I had but instead of sitting all on a book, I’m so happier with a slim wallet.

20.Grado SR60e Headphones

About four years ago I bought a pair of these Grado headphones for work and they are still good. They’re the cheapest in the line, but are a big step from cheaper headsets in terms of audio quality. Surely they are not cheap but certainly don’t have any of the famous brands’ premium price. The open design makes it possible to always hear what is happening around you. They’re very relaxed.

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