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What is Breast Milk Production?

If you are concerned about your breast milk production and supply, you are not alone. There are plenty of mothers who continuously worry about whether or not they feed their child enough food. For most women, breast milk production is fine, even if they think it isn’t.

There is a misconception saying the breast milk production is really low when the baby does not gain weight on breast milk alone. If that is the scenario, you do not have a problem with your breast milk production. You cannot determine your breast milk supply from your baby’s weight gain. But if you feel like your supply is not enough for the baby, there are ways to increase breast milk production at home.

Importance of breast milk

Ways to increase breast milk production
Ways to increase breast milk production

Many babies like to suck. When it comes to breastfeeding, many babies suck for a long time. But it is vital that you latch the baby properly. If you do not latch the baby properly, the milk nerves do not get stimulated.

Therefore, before jumping into the conclusion, check whether the baby is latching correctly. This might be the reason why your baby is cranky. If the infant just sucks the nipple, there won’t be enough milk-producing to fill the baby. Correct latching is meant to the sucking the nipple, including the areola. Nerves are situated around the areola, and when the baby sucks properly, signals will go to the brain to produce more milk.

How to increase your breast milk supply in 3 steps?

Ways to increase breast milk production.
Ways to increase breast milk production

Most of these ways show results with time. How long they are going to take depends on how low your milk supply is. Most of the methods below should start showing results after a few days.

But if you still do not see any change in your breast milk supply, you have to consult a doctor to get medical advice. But you can try these things at home before going into medication.

1. Breastfeed frequently

Ways to increase breast milk production
Ways to increase breast milk production

Babies have a tendency to suck. It makes them feel secure and sound in mama’s arms. That is completely normal. Breast milk digests faster than formula milk. While breastfeeding often can be irritating, it can help you bond with your child more, thus increasing the milk flow.

When your infant suckles the breast, there are hormones signaling milk to release. That is what we call the ‘let-down’ reflex. The let-down reflex means contracting your muscles to release milk into the ducts. Therefore, the more the baby suckles, the more milk you tend to produce. Breastfeed your newborn between 8 and 12 times a day to establish and maintain continuous milk production.

But fewer or more times of breastfeeding does not mean a lack of milk production. This is one of the primary ways to increase breast milk production when you feel like it is not enough.

2. Pump between feedings

Ways to increase breast milk production

Pumping between feedings helps you get more milk production. Warming your breasts before pumping makes it easier for you and produces more milk. You can pump whenever you have milk leftover after a feeding session, your baby has missed a feeding, or your infant gets a bottle of breast milk or formula.

You can use a pump or the hand to pump milk from the breasts. Using a pump is more effective because it gives the same stimulation to the nerves like your baby when sucking. It makes milk flow to the ducts quickly. It is one of the most practical ways to increase your milk production.

3. Breastfeeding from both sides

Ways to increase breast milk production
Ways to increase breast milk production

Let your baby decide when to stop sucking. Babies like to be around their mothers. They feel secure around their moms. Therefore, the tendency in them makes them suck more. When breastfeeding, do it from both sides. Breastfeed from one side until the sucking becomes slower and switch to the other side.

If your baby seems full from one side, remember to feed on the other side during the next feeding. If the baby stops feeding after sucking from one side, you can also pump the other side’s milk and keep it in a bottle. In that way, both sides produce enough milk for the next feeding session.

Which foods help produce breast milk?

Ways to increase breast milk production
Ways to increase breast milk production

Most of the herbs stimulate breast milk. You can easily find these herbs and food items at home. Some of the herbs you can use to increase milk supply are ginger, garlic, fenugreek, brewer’s yeast, blessed thistle, fennel, and alfalfa.

If you are consuming these herbs, make sure to do it in moderation. These herbs contain galactagogues, which helps you produce more milk.

Different positions to increase breast milk production

Ways to increase breast milk production
Ways to increase breast milk production

The methods mentioned above are some of the easy ones you can try at home. But before opting for any of the methods, make sure your milk supply is low. Otherwise, you would just be stressing over something that does not even exist.

For most women, incorrect latching makes them think they do not have enough milk. Some mothers think their baby does not gain weight because there isn’t enough milk. However, if you positively feel there should be more milk supply, you can one or more of the ways to increase breast milk production.

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