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I am a professional HRM blogger with monthly attracting more than 5200 readers across the world. In this blog, I include better all rounding solutions for HRM knowledge. This platform will provide A to Z Guide for all professionals, undergraduates, graduates, and anyone who loves to learn, work, or expect to work in this HRM field.

Human resource is the most precious resource in the business world and the most critical element to handle. Therefore, being an HRM professional is a more responsible and challenging profession.

They have to follow humanity and ethics while managing the overall human resource in an organization for optimizing the return on investments with developing and satisfying the workforce. As per the engaging with the only one living resource in any organization, HRM professional should be smart with great heart and intelligent mind. This platform will ensure to brighten up your knowledge in HRM for leading you to the proper Strategies.

HRM is a broad and exciting subject scope with many professional choices. You may love to be a Benefits administrator, HRM manager, HRIS specialist, Employee relations manager, Payroll specialist, Training coordinator, Compensation specialist, Training manager, or any other job in these fields. But there is no doubt; we enrich you in each aspect of the scope with proper insight knowledge in HRM.

I love the human resource management field, and it’s was a dream job since I was a teenager. Finally, I transform my dream job into my real profession with unlimited passion. As a well-experienced HRM professional in well-known companies with local and global exposure, my passion for HRM guided me to do something for the betterment of the HRM industry.

That genuine thought inspires me to take the first step in creating this blog. This is an HRM specialized journey to provide new and fruitful articles creatively for you through my passion, educational qualifications, professional experience, efforts, and unique writing style.

Who am I?

The building also needs a very strong foundation to stay strong for a long time, as per that without proper core knowledge, anyone cant performs well in any industry.

Therefore, I completed my Bachelor’s degree in Business Management (specializing in Human Resource Management) at Kelaniya University in 2015. I completed my MBA (Human Resource Management) in 2018 at the University of Kelaniya. Now I’m preparing for Ph.D. at the University of Colombo.

Moreover, I had completed a professional qualification along with my educational qualifications. Besides, I am a certified Human resource management professional, and I provide HRM consultancy for industrial requirements.

My career began with a good experience as a Junior HRM Executive in Brandix Apparel Solutions – Walisara.  With my dedication and passion; I was able to promote to a senior HRM executive within two years. As a passionate, self-motivated marketing professional, I improve myself with knowledge, skills, and good attitudes to provide a proper service. After that, I was able to expand my industry experience as, HRM assistant manager and HRM manager. I had worked for several multinational and local companies during my successful professional career.

Apart from the HRM professional, I decided to spread my expertise across the globe. With me, you can discover your passion for HRM. I have a powerful learning platform, using the modern and creative, exciting way to read about all rounding HRM  knowledge.

For anyone aiming for a career path in this profession and anyone currently in the field, this is an excellent resource to expand the horizons of HRM knowledge. As a member of the business world, I invite all HRM lovers to join this blog. I warmly welcome people from all over the world to read our creative and fruitful articles. Please join with my blog; it’s the place to discover and boost your HRM skills.

I invite all business Professionals and upcoming business professionals to join me to develop your knowledge and build up the most efficient strategies in an excellent way for success in the business world.

Because you might be working in another sector away from the HRM department, such as marketing or finance in the organization, you also need to do work with the human.  Understanding the art of handling human resources will support you more than any other strategy.  Therefore, I warmly welcome anyone looking for a better professional platform to learn and improve their HRM knowledge.

My Vision

“Support the enthusiastic people who love to learn HRM by providing a deep enrichment of theoretical aspects plus professional knowledge.”

Any career, big or small, begins with theoretical knowledge first. Theoretical knowledge benefits the realistic invention of new methods at the same time. This precise theoretical context is also essential for efficient HRM professionals.

On the other hand, Practical knowledge is the golden offer of success for climbing corporate ladders. To put it in simple terms, both are meaningful in real life. We would be successful in the real world if we had a good core knowledge base with proper professional experience and knowledge.

Besides, I am concerned about ethical standards in HRM. Ethical HRM practice refers to how corporations treat their workforce, community, and the whole world by focusing on corporate responsibilities.

I would like to see the ethical HRM practice in the business world, which increases the standard of lifestyle and well-being of the employees, a higher profit to the company, and positively affects society. I publish these fruitful HRM articles to support and expand the more appropriate approaches for great humanity, profitable corporations, and well-being with great HRM practice individuals.

Why is my blog special? 

Here are a few reasons how this blog is special and why you would love my blog.

1. All-round HRM solution

As an all-around HRM solution blog, I wish to cover all aspects of HRM with in-depth knowledge to provide an optimized understanding for you. This blog will be a better solution for beginners to the subject with the minimum HRM knowledge also. That why I provide A to Z Article coverage in HRM with the fundamentals to advance topics. As well as I will cover the other related subject areas to the HRM too.

2. A reliable guide of HRM knowledge plus professional experience.

In HRM scope, I have sufficient educational background. With appropriate business terms, I provide better writing. HRM is a realistic subject, on the other hand. I offer a comprehensive approach to improve the article’s quality and cover the main topics with other associated HRM aspects.

For HRM, nothing can be comparable to the experience of the industry. In many fields of HRM, I have a profound experience. That makes it more useful for my writing. As mentioned above, I am an industry expert with relevant skills, educational and professional qualifications. Therefore, I have a great foundation to write relevant and fruitful articles, including my experience.

3. I’m based on proven topics.

My blog will cover topics about which you are passionate. Enthusiastic writers are more engaging than those who send out meaningless traffic posts. As a popular blog about a niche-focused in HRM: these have concepts included in developing HRM professional practice and others who love to learn HRM.

4. My unique way of writing.

Writing is an essential and valuable skill. I have unique and creative writing skills, and it can give you a more exciting and unforgettable reading experience.

5. Regularly blogging.

Regular blogging helps me to build an interaction with followers and maintain a relation among followers. I begin to develop ourselves in their eyes as specialists by regularly blogging and delivering content that is valuable to the potential audience and allows them to overcome their common queries related to the HRM.

6. I comprehensively explain the insights of HRM theories.

I understand that the creation of comprehensive explanations typically leads to better results in learning. That led me to write great and exciting articles that are more detailed and explained. Most research has reported that it shows the importance of ‘explanation-based learning’ and its ability to help students better understand and transfer their learning to various conditions.

7. Update with the Latest HRM trends and love to share them with you.

I always search for such upcoming HRM trends and love to share with you updated information. Trends are contained with the upcoming knowledge and transformation. Trends are like warnings from early. Early warnings will be given to you about what is right and what’s wrong with your business. You would see them if you are tracking the trends.

These are a path of changes that most positively impact to build accurate strategies in the field. Therefore, the upcoming knowledge hidden in the trends are essential to be a success in the industry.

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